Saturday, April 21, 2007


I last sat here Friday at 11 am, running through my thoughts about the past five days' events, specifically the shootings at VA Tech (Sister's alma mater). Having a Son shortly to go off to college, the good Lord willing & the creek don't rise, made the news resonate strongly with me. Finally I decided to post Friday morning, no matter that I didn't have anything new or original or thought provoking to say.

So I'm seated in front of the 'puter Friday morning at 11 am. Then Daughter calls. "Mom, there's a bomb threat at school. We've been evacuated to the stadium. They said we can go home if our parents come & pick us up. Will you come and get Friend and me so we can go home?" Needless to say, I saved my post and headed towards Daughter's school.

I had to park down the street and walk up to the campus, met along the way by several reporters & photographers. "Ma'am, did you know there were two other schools closed this morning due to bomb threats? How do you feel about these incidents, especially in light of the shootings on Monday?"

I was 90% sure (naive, perhaps?) that it was simply a test day prank- hijinks since Friday was the first warm sunny day in quite a while. I wasn't overly anxious, more agitated that some @$$ thought it would be funny, cool, ___________ fill in the blank to call school out on a Friday.

So I waited my turn, picked the girls up and drove them to our house. They DDR'ed, watched an anime movie and ate fries. Which turned out to be a treat for the friend. Her family are all vegetarians and they've never (do you believe it?) eaten at or from McD's. I was impressed on the one hand & embarrassed on the other, I had no idea this girl was a vegetarian & I would've offered her something else had I known. Still- she's teen enough to love fries!

Turns out the would be bomber was an 18 year old idiot who wanted to get his GF out of class. At least that's what happened at Daughter's school. Don't know about the other two schools (one of which is Son's GF's school- she wasn't there that day). Rumor mill says there was a 'hit list' at one school. Anyhow, the guy from Daughter's school called from a payphone in the mall across the street. They have him on the phone on camera so he will be charged with a crime. A felony, maybe? I can't remember.

I've not read much this week, but there are a few things & books on my mind which I hope to post about over the next few days.


Gavin said...

What is this world degenerating to ....
I'm glad it was all a hoax.

CindyS said...

At this point, any kind of prank that creates such fear needs to punished. I would have panicked for sure. I had a boyfriend in high school for quite a while and I remember when we broke up I was home on the weekends. I was horrified when I picked up the phone one night and was told 'you're daughter is dead'. I said something to my parents and I was told they got that phone call many times. This was back before call identify. The cruelty of some people is far beyond me.

Glad that the girls had a fun time anyways.