Wednesday, October 11, 2006


As a parent and as a wife I find myself a professional worrywart. Things both large, "Are we carrying enough life insurance? Will DC be hit by terrorists while we're in town?" and small, "Did Son #1 have money for lunch? Has Daughter passed her math test? Is Husband safely at work yet?" flow through my mind on a regular basis.

Yesterday I took all of my kids plus the boy down the street to a small college fair up the road a pace. Boy up the street wants to enlist in the Navy. Considering his family situation, I hope he does. Even factoring in the current military & political situation, his best chance at a productive future is to get out of here & the military is his best opportunity.

Anyhow, Son #1 & boy up the street stop by a little table manned by Montana State University. This institution seems right up Son #1's alley- very outdoorsy, beautiful, programs he's interested in, they take 'average Joe' kinda kids, small town atmosphere, study abroad options. Cheaper than private colleges. He was so excited he was jumping up & down when we returned home. Seriously- I've rarely seen him so pumped up. He's already looked up their application online.

Now don't get me wrong. I want him to go away to school, preferably to a place where he can challenge himself & have a good time & where he can be a young adult on his own. Montana is a tad further away than I expected though. Most of the colleges he's concentrating on are up in New England. A full day's drive, if not overnight, from here. BUT- I have alot of family up there. People he could turn to if he had a problem, wanted a homecooked meal, etc. No such safety net in Montana.

Husband has already smiled at me & told me I'm being a 'momma hen' as he puts it. I realize he a) hasn't applied or been accpted yet and b) hasn't made any final decisions. I am the family worrywart though. I think I'll be taking Zantac indefinitely.


Renee said...

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CindyS said...

I figure my worry gene was way to high to have children. All the same, you have to be proud of the fact that your son feels that he can leave home. I look at my bestfriend's kids and think they will never leave hom and she'll be just as happy if they don't. Now that ain't healthy!