Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Costume Party

Sorry about the lack of photos from the marathon. Once I got there I kicked myself for not bringing it. It didn't occur to me that people would dress up and run. Next year I promise. Honest!

Last Saturday night our church held a Halloween party. Mainly for the kids, but there are more than a few adults around who like to dress up too. Oldest Son went as Keanu Reeves from the Matrix, Daughter was a 'goth Arwen' and Son #2 went as a mad scientist complete with plastic test tubes full of mysterious potions. Which I later discovered was blue kool aid & hot sauce.

Someone dressed as a Venetian Rat Catcher (don't ask me what that is, ok? She was wearing one of those 'il nasone' masques from Venice. Similar to the ones found here. The ones with the hook noses) came up to me later and asked, "Do you realize the mad scientist is drinking hot sauce out of his test tube?!" I just smiled. Yes my son is weird. LOVES spicy food. Thai, Korean, Latin American. All in their native spiciiness. None of this 'easy on the spice' wussiness for him. Bring it on. Kid loves it.

Anyhow. At the last minute the kids asked me what I was dressing up as. I yanked an old costume out of my closet & took off. Way back in the day, when the older two kids were little I made themed costumes for the three of them to wear. One year Husband was a packet of M&Ms plain candies & Daughter was a blue M&M. Another year he went as a clown and she went as a dalmatian. Pirates. You get the idea. I saved those two adult costumes. The kids' costumes I gave to my sister for her children.

I went to the party as the packet of M&Ms. Most other adults rented or bought costumes. I was one of only a couple of adults in homemade duds. My buddy went as professor McGonagal (spelling?) from Harry Potter. So I won a prize (chocolate! YUMMY) for best homemade adult costume. I was surprised & embarrassed, though. The letters were dirty & it was wrinkled & well.. I enjoyed my chocolate.


CindyS said...

And the picture is where????


Jenster said...

Sounds like fun! Congratulations on winning the prize. Chocolate for the chocolate. :o)


Bookwormom said...

Cindy- I know I know! I'm so sorry!!

Jenster- It did make me grin.