Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thursday 13 #20- Gardening

Fall gardeniing chores & assorted fun activities. Leave a link in the comments & I'll link to you. Click link above to see other Thursday 13 participants.

1. Weed

2. Plant new spring bulbs- unless like me, you're late, in which case you're undecided & will have to wait until Nov. to plant your spring bulbs

3. Feed bulbs

4. Top dress entire garden with compost or composted manure

5. Plant pansies & set out mums- unless you've the hardy mums , in which case all you need to do is sit back & enjoy

6. Bemoan the fact that you can't find Icicle Pansies this year (probably 'cuz you're late as per usual). Icicle pansies will take a frost as long as they get sun & water. Here in my section of zone 6 that means they'll often last all winter.

7. Hunt all over for unique & unusual gourds, pumpkins, corn cobs & similar autumn related decorating items.

8. Lust after your neighbor's gorgeous morning glories, still heavily blooming.

9. Only until you remember your moonflowers (same flower family) are still going strong & are covered with buds.

10. Enjoy frog hunting from the comfort of your porch- we've at least four tiny green froggies living among my plants & flowers

11. Marvel at the ugliness of Christmas decor at the garden center. Think bright red & neon purple glittery tinsel like 8' trees. OMG.

12. Wish desperately you could justify/afford the 75% off rattan & iron outdoor furniture. However, since you live in an aprtment, there's no way.

13. Buy hyacinth bulbs for sequential forcing over the winter. There's nothing like the smell of fresh flowers to keep you going in the dead of winter.

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