Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Beavers & Bees

Otherwise known as- another uber busy day. Oh, and why don't ants have a 'busy' related saying?! They've been shortchanged I tell ya. It all started off with a desire to start sewing, old fashioned of me I know, Daughter's furry lavender cape. Problem- where is the fabric? In the storage room. O. M. G.

The room is a disaster. Crap piled in there willy nilly. You know the drill- throw it in and slam the door closed. "I'll organize it next time." Only next time rarely arrives. Well, today was next time.

I love to organize. Only thing is you have to drag everything out first. Husband likes to keep empty appliance boxes. Just in case I guess. I don't really understand this, to be honest. We're not leaving for at least three to four more years, so unless it needed to be returned why keep the box? I put aside Husband's winter clothes box. Three hours & much cursing later I found Daughter's fabric.

Why cursing, you ask? There are three bikes hanging from the ceiling. None of which I can take down myself (I'm too short, even with a step stool). So I had to redo it all pushing the bikes aside every time I had to rearrange something. Great for the muscles though. All of the ones I thought had wasted away? They're still here. Sore now.

Ok. Took a break & ate a huge burrito from Chipoltle. Found it in the freezer. I think it was Husband's stash. OOPS. LOL Started a boatload of laundry. Repotted four plants. Divided one overgrown spiderplant into three separate pots. Transferred two dozen pansies into my favorite clay planters outside. Tormented Son #2, the charming eye rolling one, into watering my newest babies. Then made him pick up all of the trash that blew into the yard. And homework. And practice piano. Poor tortured soul that he is, he only had 15 minutes to rollerblade with his buddy. Boo hoo.


CindyS said...

Good Lord!! Take a nap!! That's way too much work for one day. I'm in extreme lazy mode this week. Extreme. Like my butt hurts from not getting out of my chair.


Jenster said...

Crimeny! I think I'M going to go take a nap now. lol

Hey! I'm not so far from you. Wanna come organize my house???


Bookwormom said...

Cindy- Took a long nap today to make up for it!

Jen- I'd love to come to Philly & have asteak & cheese w/you. Can't organize when you've got houseguests though..