Sunday, May 17, 2009

Updates Again

Ok, so I'm not dead yet. I know I've been slacking re: posting. No I didn't go on vacation (I wish!). The excitement is over now. Thank the Lord. We survived. I can breathe. Remember my name. Remember that I've 4 books backed up to read this month. That I still have three or four to review from last month. Not that I'm working on any of that right now, mind you.

Decorated mortar board
No this isn't his graduation. Photo credits at end of post.

Firstly. Hubby graduated from his program. The ceremony was long despite the obvious organizational efficiency and ruthless speed the ceremony was conducted with. I noticed only 5 other male graduates in this field. Almost equally divided by race. A few ladies who wore headscarves and one wore a niquab, which made me wonder how comfortable her patients would be. *shrug* We believe in freedom of religion & expression after all. Anyhow, we went out for Chinese for an early dinner. Our favorite place to celebrate. Unfortunately they're struggling to make ends meet. We've been going there for twelve years & they've slowly scaled back a little bit here and a little bit there. I hope they make it, there's no where else close that we can have a sit down formal Chinese meal of such high quality. :(

After that it was my birthday on Friday. We took College Student out to brunch with us. Then hubby and I drove out to the Virginia arboretum near Winchester and took a long walk around some of the grounds. It's absolutely gorgeous. Click here for a virtual tour. Well worth the trip, if you're vacationing here or you're a local who likes gardening & misses the trees that used to be here before Suburbia Invaded. It's even free. Not even a charge for parking, if you can believe it. :) Blandy Farm is a lovely and peaceful place. No one else appeared to be there. Just us and the birds and the squirrels. Beautiful specimen trees and several lovely gardens. Bird condos & ponds & bridle trails. It had been far too long since we meandered around together, went on an adult day trip. No hurry, nowhere else to be, no other pressing commitments. I love the children, but raising them really drains a relationship even when the couple strives to maintain closeness and a deep connection between each other.

Saturday- Drove back down to tiny little town to drop College Student off at my parents so he can start work on Monday. He's not staying home this summer. Glad he's taking a step up, but I miss him. Took my MIL & SIL out to lunch for birthday & Mother's Day. Got updates on the uncle & other family members. Drove back home.

Sunday- Had two handbell performances at church this morning. It was really fun, although I never learned two bars of one piece despite my neighbor whispering the count in my ear! It was embarassing. I like bells though. Missed CS. He used to be in the handbell choir with us. Stood right across from me & made faces at me when he knew I was nervous. I don't read music so I'm nervous alot.

Graduation photo found on Webshots. Images of Blandy Experimental Farm found on state arboretum of Virginia Blandy Experimantal Farm Handbell image found on Bethlehem United Church of Christ.


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Congrats to your husband on graduating!

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