Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Garden Photos

Photos from my garden, all taken by Pianist.

Stargazer Lily from Mother's Day bouquet

Ninebark Diablo

Blueberry buds

Ninebark buds

Peach Iris


Kailana said...

Great pictures!

CindyS said...

What awesome photos! And I can't get over the Blueberry buds - they look like little tree frogs. Too cute.


Bookwormom said...

The Pianist, among his many talents, loves taking photos. All credit goes to him. :) Spring is my favorite season!


Louise said...

Loved your garden photos. Thanks for posting! Have a great weekend.

Bookwormom said...

HI Louise, thanks for stopping by. :)


Jenster said...

VERY pretty!!

Bookwormom said...

Jenster~ I'll pass your compliments to the photographer. :)