Thursday, May 28, 2009

Drive By Reviews

Lord of the Keep~ Ann Lawrence

An historical romance set in England in 1192, released by Lovespell in 1999. Retains a flavor of 'old school' romance. Young heroine becomes pregnant via a garrison soldier. Her uncle brings her to the lord's court but she refuses to name her suitor & agrees to pay the fine. Time passes. Emma & her babe are again brought to Gilles' attention, this time because they are being pursued through the woods by a pack of dogs. He finds her a position at his keep, but this is complicated by the presence of her former lover- who tries to take advantage of her. Story dragged & I skimmed most of it.

Deryni Tales~ Katherine Kurtz

This is an anthology edited by Katherine Kurtz and published by Ace in 2002. There are eight short stories plus an introduction and a story by Ms. Kurtz. All are set in her world, the Eleven Kingdoms, which is loosely based on medieval Wales. The stories take place all along the timeline of the Deryni books previously published by Ms. Kurtz. Most of these are excellent. I'm already a fan of this author & she has ably edited these fanfics. Recommmended for existing fans only, newcomers will surely be lost.


CindyS said...

Wait, stop the car!

You just drove through ;)


Bookwormom said...

LOL! :0 I dropped my cell phone on the keyboard & the stupid 'post' published with only the title.


Ms. Bookish said...

I've read one of Kurtz's Deryni books and enjoyed it. I think I'd like this anthology. Great drive-by review!

Bookwormom said...

Ms. Bookish~ They're great little vignettes. I enjoyed them. Hope you do too. :)


Kailana said...

lol @ the cellphone!

I should do reviews like this in an attempt to catch-up!

Bookwormom said...

Kailana~ Yeah, the cellphone thing was funny! I couldn't believe it. And then Cindy commented right away & I had to laugh!