Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Reading reading & more reading

Sorry I've not been around much these last few weeks. I've been glomming all of Anne Bishop's books on my shelves. Reread & reread & become supremely annoyed that I've got every Black Jewels set novel she's published. My only outlet now is to try & collect all of her short stories.

Other than that I've also read:

1. Hope's Folly~ Linnea Sinclair

2. Dark Need~ Lynn Viehl

Ms. Sinclair is a new to me author who I also plan to glom, initially from the library. Luckily, Keishon's TBR Challenge is science fiction romance this month (post due up April 16th if you're participating) & I've had Linnea Sinclair's Gabriel's Ghost for a long time now. Currently reading Night Lost by Lynn Viehl.


Linnea Sinclair said...

Thanks for reading HOPE'S FOLLY and for your interest in more of my books! You do know that FOLLY is book 3 in the Dock Five series? GABRIEL'S GHOST is book 1, SHADES OF DARK is book 2. ;-) You can get full details on my site: www.linneasinclair.com ~Linnea

Bookwormom said...

Ms. Sinclair~ Thank you for stopping by & commenting. I love Hope's Folly & I'm sure Gabriel's Ghost will be excellent as well. As it happens I'm planning to go to B&N tonight. I hope they'll have a copy of Shades of Dark! :)


Kailana said...

I really need to read more of Anne Bishop! Linnea Sinclair is another author that looks interesting, but I haven't even picked a book up by her yet. Too many tempting reads, so little time!

Happy Easter!

Bookwormom said...

Kailana~ It's so true- there are so many great books & it'll never be possible to read them all. We'll have great fun trying though!

Happy Easter to you also :)