Monday, April 20, 2009

Feeling Human Now

For the first time in a long time, I managed to combine two of my favorite things in the whole wide world: stomach flu and my monthly. How lovely. Thrilling even. Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely despise, loathe and abhor being sick. Not only that, I'm bitchy mean and cranky and want to hide. Don't ask me anything. Actually- don't talk to me. Pretend I don't exist. Poor hubby. He hates it. Being a nurse, he's one of the most nurturing men I've ever met. Likes to hover, bring juice, fresh boxes of tissues. Chat. Will watch endless Lifetime TV movies. Willing to read me Smart Bitches and Dear Author posts. It drives me batty. Fortunately, he's learned that I really dislike being fussed over and he spends these energies on the kids when they get sick. Add in my monthly and, well, let's just say the fellow inhabitants of Bookwormom Central were more than happy to escape to those more civilized places: school and work.

I did read. Quite a bit. Reviews to come. I'm falling desperately behind (7 books). Chat more tomorrow.


Kailana said...

Oh, wow, that would be HORRIBLE! I am glad you are feeling better! I am like you, though. I like to be left alone when I am sick. My guy keeps his distance. He doesn't mind people around when he is sick, though. That usually means me being sent on grocery store runs. I hate, and I mean HATE, the grocery store... lol Anyway, glad you are better!

Bookwormom said...

Kailana~Thanks for the well wishes. It was one of the more miserable weekends I've had in a while. It was kinda nice having so much time to read though..