Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Need Painting Advice

This post is inspired by Cindy at Nocturnal Wonderings. Our bathroom is desperately in need of a facelift. First off, we are renting our duplex, so I can't redo the tile or the floor. The one window is frosted glass, ancient but operable, nearly 60 years old, original to the building. Between the rust and the mold, it drives me batty. When we first painted the apartment I took it apart, sanded it down & used wire brushes to get rid of the rust and then painted it all over with Rustoleum. It worked fine. Now it's about 5 years later and I desperately need to redo it all. The whole bathroom, not only the window.

The room faces northeast, so it tends to be dark. Currently it's a medium to dark olive green. Olive was a bad idea. I like it, but it's too dark. Ferns love this room. There is no exhaust fan. The landlord had to come in and redo the floors and part of the walls due to faulty plumbing. They painted the lower half of the walls a cheap oyster white that runs if you touch it while the wall is damp after showers. It's also unscrubbable. Yuck. Originally I thought I'd put up a chair rail and maybe some paper over the lower part & leave the upper half alone. I still might do that. I want some input though.

I'm nothing if not indecisive. The room is only 7' X 5' (a glorified closet) and faces NE. I'll put photos up later this afternoon so you can see what I'm talking about.

1. I want a lighter color to brighten the room. The hallway outside the bath is butter yellow. I'm not a person whose entire house has to be color coordinated, although it's likely a good idea in such a small place. Any ideas?

2. I can't put in an exhaust fan, as neither of us has enough electrical knowledge to install one safely. We're willing, but don't know enough.

3. Do you think chair rail & wallpaper on the lower half will make the room feel smaller? I doubt the room could feel smaller than it already is, but you never know.

Please help me think. Any ideas or input are welcome. I won't start this project until April and I'll put photos up when I'm done.

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CindyS said...

I do so love to decorate ;) Obviously you already know how you feel about the darker colour - would you consider a lighter tone of the colour you already have?

Since it's a small room have you considered putting up tongue and grove paneling with the chair rail - paint it bright white in a high hide paint (you could even go gloss that makes it washable)

I'll get some pics of what I'm thinking and post them. We did ceramic tile on the bottom of our walls and then a light beige on the top (I wasn't ready to commit to colour at the time although I love light blues in bathrooms).

The problem sounds like the paint on the bottom - worries me that it runs when wet. Not sure you can cover that with paint but if you try you should get a high hide primer (and it's expensive) We buy Zinzer - it covers anything and then you can paint over it with water based paint instead of using oil.

And the reason you don't have a fan in the bathroom already is because there is a window. If there were no window then you would need a fan. I know. Fun stuff to know about ;)