Monday, March 23, 2009

Family Update

I can't believe I've not written one of these since right before Thanksgiving! I'm falling behind. What else is new? I suppose much has happened since then, but I'll be damned if I can think of anything worth posting. On that cheery note, here goes.

The Hubster~ Now! Rounding into the final stretch, as they say at the Kentucky Derby, of school. He'll graduate in mid May, should the final med-surg rotation not kill him. Or..more accurately, induce him to kill someone else in sheer frustration at their stupidity. These years of nursing school have done more to instill in me a deep seated suspicion regarding the quality of medical professionals than almost anything else could have. Except perhaps studying medical malpractice cases. Anyhow. Other than being frazzled within an inch of his life, being harassed at work because he's a) the only male and b) the only white person in his section he's fine. The work situation has been straightened out, supposedly, with explanations to him that people were formally reprimanded & others will be moved. No fault to him. We shall see. Just the other day we put in for an out of state nursing position in New England. I've no idea if he'll get it or not, it was a spur of the moment thing. In his current field, in the state where we tried to move years ago when he got out of the military. *sigh* The timing is awful.

College Student~ His loan money finally came in. He had to wait until the second semester for it all- good thing he rooms with relatives who were understanding. I can only imagine the troubles late loan money caused other needy students. His bills are totally caught up now & he has a little set aside for the last few weeks of school. I suppose it's better late than never, but I'm angry that he had to scrape by on so little for so long. His ancient vehicle is still creaking along, but her status is iffy for next school year. It's likely his summer job money will go towards a down payment on a newer used vehicle. His summer job will be at the McDonald's where he worked last summer. He's hoping to find something that pays better, but if his initiative holds true he'll stick with the golden arches & not bother with a serious job hunt. The path of least resistance being his tried and true preference. I mentioned to him that he might look for a sugar mama so she can keep him in the style to which he'd like to become adjusted. I was only slightly kidding.

Anime Queen~ Still doesn't have the balance between socializing and academics. Barely has her head above water and may not be able to continue in her program for the final year (senior year, the 09-10 academic year). She insists she's going to pull it all together at the end. I have serious doubts, but I'm doing everything I can to help her short of outright torture. On a brighter note, she's thinking of applying to art school & has asked her art teacher to help her put together a portfolio. We've scheduled a visit to Tiny Downstate Ladies College, which has an excellent regional reputation and supposedly a proven track record for nurturing young women's intellectual growth. HMPH. She needs 50 lashes and a stint in basic training is what she needs. A good drill sergeant to keep her on track. Unfortunately that's me. :(

Pianist~ Has had some rough moments, academically. All of which appear to be related to a mild case of attentional problems: severe disorganization, late work, bad attitude in school, talkative, no impulse control to speak of, etc. These issues seem to be under control at the moment, with a little pharmaceutical assistance. That we seem to have found a solution is backed up by dramatically improved grades and a marked decrease in annoyed and vaguely threatening phone calls from the school administration. Musically he's doing well, bonus points for weeks in which he bothered to practice properly. He's in the handbell choir with Anime Queen and me, but hasn't been able to sing in the Schola as the rehearsal runs too late on a school night. His friend, the one whose mother suddenly passed away just before Thanksgiving, appears to be coping relatively well. Her unexpected death has prompted meaningful changes in the medical screening of emergency personnel in our area. We hope anyway.

Me~ Um. A little stressed. One kid whose school money got caught in the Great Depression v. 2.0. One kid whose brain seems to have gone out on extended vacation & may not return. One kid whose formerly supernova academic star suddenly looked incredibly dim and who couldn't keep a civil tongue in his mouth. A husband whose work life abruptly became hostile & who is in the middle of the last year of school. So now that everyone else has had a turn to freak out, it's mom's turn for a minor breakdown. It came as no surprise that I'd gained 10 pounds over last year's physical, although my blood pressure is now in the normal range. I was "plump" before and now I think I've definitely graduated into "round". I tell myself that round is a shape. I can't concentrate on the books I pick up & it has been hard to keep up with the blog. The Hubster is worried about me & tells me that I mustn't take Anime Queen's antics to heart, that she is old enough to reap what she sows, that it doesn't reflect on me, that at 17 she's old enough to take responsibility for her actions. I know these things in my head, but how to convince my heart?

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CindyS said...


Obviously the family is going through more growing pains. I hope your hubby finds a great job and that Anime Queen puts her nose to grindstone. Hopefully you've rounded a corner with the Pianist.

Has AQ ever seen Dirty Jobs? Maybe a marathon run of that would light a fire under her ;)