Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Today's Schedule

5:45 am~ Wake up. Ok, peel myself out of bed, throw on some shorts & a t-shirt, yadda yadda yadda

6:00 am~ Make pot of coffee (Dunkin' Donuts or Gevalia or Melitta only), attempt to watch morning news & wake Younger Son up

6:25~ Take Anime Queen over to her bus stop. Shivering in the cool air 'cuz I'm tired and half asleep & was too damn lazy to dress properly. It's dark out this early in the morning and her stop is off the road, so I take her over there & wait until she's on the bus.

6:57~ Take son to bus stop. Again, same location as the A.Q. difference is, this time (even though it's only 25-30 minutes later) the traffic is heavy enough that he has trouble crossing the road, no one will stop, despite two cross walks. So I take him. Better by far than him turning into road pizza cuz my lazy ass wouldn't get up out of bed.

7:15-9:45~ Return to bed for brief nap. I didn't get home from work until 11 pm the night before & I can never fall asleep right away.

9:45 am- 12 pm~ Scrub bathroom, make bed, run malware & anti-virus programs, clean kitchen, make my lunch for work, shower, dress & get ready for work

12:15- 1:10~ Drive to work, call Hubby & chit chat along the way.

1:15- 5pm~ Work

5:15- 6:15~ Drive home, call kids in transit & make sure they're ok.

6:15- 6:40 pm~ Run inside, make sandwich & drink a glass of lemonade; kiss kids & tell them I'll return ASAP. Tonight is back to school night at Son's school & I'm only home briefly.

6:40- 7:05~ Drive over to his school & attempt to find a place to park where I'll be able to get out again. As if.

7:10- 8:15 pm~ Sit through overly repetitive teacher spiels for Son's academic classes. Skip PE and chorus in order to return home in time to kiss the kids goodnight. Dash outside only to realize my parking choice was great except for the fact that there's no lighting & I can't see a thing. Also, the car is on the far side of a cluster of trees. In the pitch black dark. Lovely.

8:20- 9:15 pm~ Drive home, with intermediate stop at 7-11 to buy a newspaper and a frozen fruit bar. Listen to the drunks argue with the clerk about why they deserve more beer. Call home to see if Hubby has come home from work.

9:20~ Rush back into the house in time to kiss the kids. Victory! My biggest and most important goal achieved.

9:30- 11:30 pm~ Read paper, surf, eat sherbet

11:30- Snore on Hubby's chest while he studies for a chemistry exam


CindyS said...

Yikes. Is this a lather, rinse repeat kind of a day? Well except for the teacher evernt. If so, I bow before you and throw flowers at your feet. Off to nap.


Tara Marie said...

you sound busy too :)

Dev said...

Oh my ~ I got exhausted just reading that!

Jenster said...

Whew. I'm exhausted!

Bookwormom said...

CindyS~ Yes, this is pretty much rinse & repeat. Normally I work 8 hour shifts, so the school thing is a one off. The other stuff is basically the same.

Tara~ I'm the same as most other working parents out there. Too much to do, not enough of you to go around, plenty of compromises.

Dev~ It's tiring. Something has to give, which has turned out to be reading. :(

Jenster- You've more reason than I to be tired.

Jenster said...

Not according to this post, Amanda. lol

annie kelleher said...

geesh...im going back to bed myself after reading this...just popping in and saying hi ;)

Mom said...

Wow, I thought I used to be busy in the "olden days"! Ma Cherie, rest your weary head & catnap whenever you can! Anime Queen should get her license to drive asap. Older son very happy to get REAL LICENSE. He has settled nicely into his new free lifestyle. He and older generation making relationship progress.
Wanted to call you, but never know when is a "good" time. Older generation has many daylilies he wants to get rid of. Want some?
Love you tons ma cherie Maman