Saturday, September 22, 2007

Nickel Roast

First, let me pat myself on the back for making up a menu and a shopping list before going grocery shopping. Second, a gold star for remembering to bring the lists to the store. Let the story begin.

Last Sunday after church the kids and I went grocery shopping. Around and around we went (not in our usual store & so we played seek & find) crossing off as we discovered things. In the meat department I start digging through the pork roasts and pull one out of the back. Startled by a little green button I take a closer look. Only to discover the roast is priced at .05~ Yes that's right. A 4-5 pound pork roast for one nickel. The green button turned out to be a pop up thermometer.

Naturally I couldn't believe my eyes. So Younger Son took the roast to a price check scanner, which merely said "priced as marked." At the check out my clerk was all of 17, if you're generous, and didn't pay a half a wit's attention to the price of our precious roast. Which did indeed ring up for one American Nickel. Amazed and afraid the grocery store police would chase me across the parking lot accusing me of theft, I bundled My Precious into the car, kids too, and rushed home.

Tonight our little Nickel Roast was braised in apple cider in the crock pot. Delicious.


Dev said...

I'm hungry for roast now. I do have a pork one in the freezer (which I paid slightly more than a nickel for). I may just have to cook it up today.

Swanwood said...

Ben makes fun of me for writing my list in the order I come across things at our grocery, but c'mon, efficiency!

I'm still too intimidated by roasts to give one a shot. And of course Ben "hates" roast beef, despite wolfing it down at every given opportunity. Did your kids get the picky eater gene? Poor Viv is going to have it rough if she has. ;-)

Bookwormom said...

Dev- It was heavenly!

Swanwood- He can laugh as long as his stomach is full, lol. ;) Crock pot roasts are easy & nearly fool proof.

Two of my kids got the picky eater syndrome, although neither as badly as Ben had/has it. Just keep offering her things, it may take several tries before a kid will even taste something new. The younger you start the more likely you are to succeed. Just don't give up too easily. I'm not saying be pushy, just offer it & then tell her how yummy it really is. Ben too. :)

CindyS said...

Now see, you are one brave person. I would have worried the roast had been there for years and then I would have had to throw it away when I got home.

Just the other day I fried up some ground beef to make a meat sauce for pasta. I always buy extra lean so I was very surprised by how much fat was in the pan and then when I put the sauce in the fat all came to the suffer. I dutifully put it in the fridge but there was no way I was going to eat it.

Born a picky eater and maintaining it to this day.


Mom said...

I have a list and plan on grocery shopping this week. Will you come avec mois???