Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thursday 13 #41- Family Update

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1. College Student is home for a week or ten days. It's nice to have him here, but it's also kinda sad 'cuz it reminds me that the days we'll all be together will slowly dwindle down further and further. Unless he moves back in of course.

2. Anime Queen's plans for the summer are proceeding apace. The Japanese language classes are a no go though. However now she's bucking for a summer college tour through New England.

3. The Pianist has a part in the 6th grade play. The plot of which runs along the lines of the animals trying to save the elderly farmer from the greedy rich guy who wants to buy the farm. Pianist's a horse. I think. I'm simply the chauffeur.

4. Husband is in the middle of finals. One C so far. Other grades unknown.

5. The Anime Queen just put her foot through the hall ceiling while climbing around the attick hunting for the fans. Yes, she's fine. The ceiling? Not so much.

6. My Lovely Sister sent me a gorgeous basket of gourmet coffees. Which are already half gone. Yummy and delicious. Unfortunately I'm only half as orgainized & still have to get some of her gift.

7. Our little deck-garden is proceeding slowly. I've only been able to find one plum tomato plant, one red bell pepper, one hot pepper and one mint plant. We're still looking for a few cherry tomato plants- to no avail as yet.

8. The blueberries though are chock full of berry buds. And I managed to find nets to cover them. So maybe we'll eat some this year. Fewer for the birds. Maybe.

9. My new favorite tv show is You Are What You Eat on BBC America. That woman pulls no punches. Unlike Americans who often try to dance around the elephant in the room.

10. The Pianist's newest pieces are Moonlight Sonata and some section of Howl's Moving Castle.

11. I cleaned out my closet. I do this at least once a year, but it always amazes me how much stuff I've not worn or outgrown or don't like anymore I can find to give to the charity thrift down the road.

12. I bought a copy of Jacques Pepin's Simple and Healthy Cooking and have promised I'll make one recipe a week all summer out of it. Tomorrow is red wine beef stew.

13. More next time!!

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