Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Bon bons and soap operas

More big events in my life this week. My last day at work Monday, last official day was Tuesday. Both the Husband and two good friends at church urged me to reconsider my priorities and my needs against the positives (??) of continuing to work. Basically it comes down to too many too regular too long nights away from home. Lack of basic consideration of family needs and worship time. The commute is a killer- 30+ miles one way, most often we ended up on the road commuting over an hour one way. The brand new car we bought last summer because both of our "beaters" died now has over 35,000 miles on it.

The irony of it all? The senior management at the last minute- literally as I was walking out the door Monday afternoon- offered to allow me to transfer out of my department into another, if I was willing to work two nights (past 10 pm each night) a week. Most likely Friday Saturday or Saturday Sunday. My first thought was, "If you really valued my work, my input (whichever you care to call it) you would have said something way before now." The second thought was that I ought to at least hear the man out before laughing in his face. Husband says he thinks they thought they could "call my bluff" or talk me out of it.

To be honest, I'm tired all the time. Late nights and early mornings aren't bringing out the best in my already sparkling personality. I'm starting to have stress related illnesses: chronic heartburn and nausea, "pre-high blood pressure" which sounds weird and fake but I am assured is real and potentially serious. Not to mention the price of gas pushing onward onward to $4 and likely more.

So the result of all the drama is that I'm once again unemployed. Still not quite sure I'm all that comfortable with it, but I did meet my goal of lasting through the end of Husband's semester at school. I'm a full time homemaker once again.

Although they did call twice this afternoon looking for me, but I was out of town rescuing College Studant. A story for another time. Will up date everyone with news, if any.

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