Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Schedule Change

Work has preoccupied nearly my entire waking life these last two weeks. All of the computers and machines and programs and whatnot were changed overnight. Literally. Overnight. With approximately 4 hours training apiece we were essentially left to ourselves and the public. Who expected the same level of service as before, with no allowances for lack of appropriate training, software problems, mechanical problems, etc. We were supposed to get an additional three nights of OJT (on the job training) on other systems only a few of us use primarily in the late evening. However, the training team was from Ohio. All they wanted to do was investigate the nightlife downtown (DC, obviously). Therefore they did everything possible to shortcut the training so they could clear us the hell out and go party. Fabulous.

They left a week ago Sunday night. None of us had any idea what we were supposed to do or how to do it. Other than the instruction manual and the help line number. Which we discovered closed at 10 pm. So if you are an American taxpayer and wonder if your money is being well spent, rest assured your money is being thoroughly abused by the government contracting system.

And no this is not some fly by night little company who changed everything out either. This is a major, Fortune 500 international US company. Whose employees really don't give a $&^t what we needed because we've no say on their annual review. This is a huge contract with a government agency who is spread worldwide. This technology rollover will be/has happened all over the world. Hopefully other training teams actually did their job.


CindyS said...

That's just horrible. Can a higher up write a letter about the training teams behavior?

These are the type of people who coined the phrase 'sink or swim'.

I hope the system is getting easier to use and that you will find more time for you.


Bookwormom said...


Our director told us he's "taken care of it" whatever that means. Sink or swim is it, you're right. So far, we're treading water although we've taken a few huge mouthfuls of water along the way.

Things are calming down, and I've borrowed a couple of good books from the library.