Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thursday 13 #33- Things that make me happy

I came up with this list as a way to remind myself to slow down and enjoy the season, no matter how hectic and hurried we become. List is in random order.

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1. Looking out the front windows at work I see a giant old hardwood tree slowly turning a rusty orange against a background of young flame red maple trees. The weather has been warm this autumn and the late changing trees reflect the temperatures.

2. My little collection of acrylic snowmen and peguins dance and sled and skate and ice fish across our dinner table- cheerful and happy and whimsical.

3. The bright red blueberry bushes on the back deck remind me of the promise of summer to come and fresh blueberries warm from the sun.

4. Clean linens and cold pillows.

5. Hubby taking initiative and hauling out all of our Christmas stuff and setting things up and decorating and..well, just making me smile every time I come home and something else has been set out. When we first married, his family hadn't celebrated Christmas in any form whatsoever since he was in grade school. Now the winter holidays are his favorites.

6. Anime Queen's A algebra test papers pinned on the fridge

7. Surfing through photos of houses and land in the wilds of northern New England daydreaming about my fantasy flower garden.

8. Fresh hot coffee in the morning

9. Long hot showers

10. Bookstores and libraries

11. Listening to jazz and standards

12. Listening to Pianist play

13. Going to church for mass

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite things when I was your age was to collect house plans! I loved to daydream that one day we would be able to build a house of our own!
Listening to the Pianist play is A#I on my list of wonderful things in life. I adore him. We connect in a very special way.
Anime Queen must be doing very well in Algebra2. Now that she has a boyfriend, she must spend more time on the phone??
I am still stuck reading St Augustine. I can't get my head around the difference in society and theology of that time. (350ad-450ad.
Have you made a trip to see Christmas lights yet?
I really want to this year - we'll have to drag College Student with us. He is spending the week-end with his other grand-parents in VA Beach this week-end.
I had an unexpected day off today. Your younger sister took the day off to work on her National Certification.
Love you beaucoup ma cherie