Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thursday 13 #32- Thanksgiving Day Edition

The list below has been compiled with assisitance from my family. It's unedited & original.

1. My Family (from Hubby)

2. Good Health (also from Hubby)

At this point I told him to come up with an original, heartfelt Thanksgiving wish & to stop recycling what everyone thinks you should say. Then he came up with the following:

3. SEX, SEX and More SEX

4. ACC Football

The next two are from the Pianist:

5. Life

6. Cheese
(yes, really)

It took Anime Queen ten minutes to come up with her two, whining the entire time that Hubby took her two (#1 & #2):

7. Friends

8. Anime and Manga

That leaves me with the remainder:

9. For the sunshine that pours over my keyboard as I type this

10. For the laughter and smiles our little nephews and nieces bring us

11. For my coworkers who have been patient and helpful as I stumble my way towards competency

12. For my children

13. For my garden, which brings me much joy and peace

The purpose of Thursday 13 is to help bloggers get to know one another better. Leave a link in the comments and I will link to you here. Click HERE to see more participants.


CindyS said...

It's funny when we know the big stuff to be thankful for and health is always way up there. But to feel thankful for the smell of clean linens when going to bed. That there is the real stuff ;)


Jenster said...

Hey! Isn't #3 sort of a recurring theme with him?? LOL

When we were talking about what we're all thankful for at dinner Todd said, "Thursday nights" and wiggled his eyebrows. The kids went EW! That's our date night. LOL

Great list! And I'm thankful for cheese, too. It covers a multitude of sins. At least where my cooking is concerned.

Bookwormom said...

CindyS- Clean linens ar eway up there on my list too! :)

Jenster- Yes it is a recurring theme with him. He's got a one track mind sometimes!! LOL ;0

Jenster said...

It is to be expected. He is a man, after all. lol