Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thursday 13 #25- Books in my TBR

The newest 13 books in my TBR, all are an early Valentine's Day gift from Hubby. He took me to my favorite UBS & let me splurge a little. Twelve books have some type of paranormal element. Listed in random order.

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1. Storm Prince- Terri Lynn Wilhelm; historical, mythical creature

2. Virtual Desire- Ann Lawrence; contemporary alternate reality

3. Stolen Magic- M.J. Putney; historical, Wicca type practices

4. Magic at Midnight- Sandra Heath; Trad. Regency, mythical creature

5. The Haunting of Henrietta- Sandra Heath; Trad. Regency; ghosts

6. Snow in Summer- Tess Farraday; contemporary, ghosts

7. The Ruby Ghost- June Calvin; Trad. Regency, ghosts

8. Shadows of Camelot- Quinn Taylor Evans; medieval, alternate reality

9. Daughter of Camelot- Quinn Taylor Evans; medieval, alternate reality

10. Private Demon- Lynne Viehl; contemporary alternate reality-vampire

11. Spell of the Highlander- Karen Marie Moning; contemporary alternate reality

12. Another Chance to Dream- Lynn Kurland; medieval

13. The Midnight Work- Kassandra Sims; Contemporary alternate reality- vampire


Jenster said...

What a nice early Valentine's Day! I've read the KMM and Lynn Kurland books - liked them both. That Kurland book is one of her only non-paranormals. LOL

Angry Woman said...

A really nice haul of books. I've read 4 on your list already. I read Lynne Viehl, KMM and both QTE, of which all I liked.

Tara Marie said...

Nice hubby :D

I've read the Putney, Viehl and KMM, I've got an ARC of the Sims, but it was a DNF for me, I'll be curious to see your thoughts.

Never read Quinn Taylor Evans, but she's on my "I really need to try" list.

Bookwormom said...

Jenster- Yes, I'm very happy with Hubby's choice of V Day gifts!

Angry Woman- I'm looking forward to the QTEs. I read a few of the earlier oones in this group & enjoyed them, so I'm hoping these live up to the bill.

Tara- I remember that the Sims was controversial. I've only read one other romance by Tor (a Scifi pub) & it didn't work for me, but I'm hoping it was an author/story issue, as opposed to issues with the pubs goals for this line. We'll see.