Saturday, April 30, 2011

Harper Lee Comes Out of Hiding??

Apparently a former Chicago Tribune reporter wrote a book about Harper Lee, the well known but very reclusive author, claiming to have had input from the author herself. The New York Times briefly mentions this in THIS ARTICLE. According to the NYT Ms. Lee has repudiated any involvement. Even Jezebel, the fashion & celebrity gossip site has picked up this story. Several newspapers & websites, the Chicago Tribune among them have picked the story up, and some articles claim Penguin (the new book's publisher) has insisted that Lee did indeed cooperate with Ms. Mills in the writing and researching of the book. According to the Tribune article linked to above, Penguin claims to have a letter stating that Lee did indeed cooperate.However, I've done a search on the Penguin Press website and can't find a mention of Marja Mills.

SO- who knows? Did Ms. Lee really cooperate with Ms. Mills? Or not? Will we ever know or will it be buried by the lawyers?

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