Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Nothing to Read?

Ok, I know I'm way behind in book news, after all I've been on hiatus for a year, but this is ridiculous. Really. The The Guardian is my favorite book site by far. Lots of info, reviews, news and more on a daily basis. Imagine that- not just once a week, but daily! Such luxury. Book pages in American pages are becoming as scarce as hens' teeth. ANYhow.

I normally read the Guardian book pages on my feed reader. Less content, but easier for my lazy butt to keep up with. Tonight I actually go the page &, lo & behold, I find THIS!!! Holy cow. Yes, I really am a dumb Yank. A page full of book stuff: reviews, news, crit, bios. Enough book things to keep me occupied for ages.

SO- if you have nothing to read quel horreur!!, go to the page linked in the paragraph above & your woes will be over.

You're welcome


Kailana said...

ha ha! I am going to ignore that, but thanks for the info. I have too much to read. Don't need more temptation!

Bookwormom said...

LOL I know what you mean. My hubby rolled his eyes when I showed him the page. :0