Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Virus begone! Also- some summer fun :)

I hope anyway. It was quite a battle. Two different security programs & we were still sucked under. We've been reloading & cleaning & polishing & scrubbing & whatnot for days it seems. I hope to goodness we're all ok now.

We spent the 4th (Independence Day) cooking out with the neighbors. Beef ribs, chicken wings & drummettes, 'burgers & hotdogs. Salads, beans. I swear, you've never seen so much food. It was so relaxing. Especially after spending so many damn days fretting with and fighting over the computer. Someone down the street had driven up to West Virginia and bought giant boxes of fireworks, then spent almost three hours setting them off (some time was spent hiding from the cops because lots of them were illegal!). So I didn't have to cook much & didn't have to drive anywhere for fireworks- it was great. The neighbor has a brand new screen house & we all sat in there and gossiped the night away.

Yesterday we drove out to Shenandoah Valley looking for a swimming hole. The weather was perfect for a drive, sunny & warm. We were about ten or twelve miles south and west (I think) of the little town of Sperryville not far from the famous Skyline Drive. We saw two black bears out there across the stream!! Honest!! A group of summer camp kids coming back down the trail from the swimming hole was so excited it was all they chattered about. A fisherman warned us to be careful since bears like to swim. The pair of them were gorgeous. Soaking wet. Avoiding the annoying humans, I suppose.

North American Black Bear
Not my photo. This is from Webshots. This is the type of bear though.


Ms. Bookish said...

It sounds like you had a fabulous fourth of July. I love holidays when there's tons of food. Not to mention fireworks!

Bookwormom said...

We had lots of fun, that's for sure. :)