Monday, December 03, 2007

Chalchihuitlicue was here

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She is the Aztec goddess of rain and flowing water. It rained all Sunday afternoon, a light barely noticable drizzle. Enough to soak the ground and drip down the windows. Bead on my potted plants. When I went to bed, though, much later- Chalchihuitlicue poured her blessings upon us.

The wind shook all of my chimes and leaves blew down the street, visible in the yellow glow of the streetlamp. I curled up in our bed listening to the rain drum on the roof and snuggled deeper into the cocoon of warmth. Somehow the rain always helps me sleep better.

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Jenster said...

Did you have the horrendous winds then on Monday night? I loved the rain and I don't mind some wind, but we had gusts up to 50 mph. That I don't so much like. :o)