Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rain! Glorious rain~

Raindrops out my front door

After months of withering heat and a distinct lack of rain, it has been wet and cool and damp yesterday and today, hopefully even tomorrow. The weatherman says we've had 2" so far. My garden is perking up a little, the grass isn't quite so crunchy underfoot and the little maple tree growing out from under our front stoop is distinctly greener.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't rain lovely? It's been a steady, quiet rain; just what we needed for our gardens. Our windshield wipers work (usually, they crap out when it pours). The weather is cooler: my time of year. Older Son is overjoyed. A tree fell over the fence, which also made him happy: he can chop wood, his favorite chore. Neighbor's tree came down too. Life is good this time of year. Love, ta Maman